Podcast 11. Brave Soul Beth Hardwick: Exploring ‘what if…?’

October 11, 2018

Jo in conversation with Beth Hardwick...

Beth shares her Brave Soul's story about stepping off the normal way of life into a new more colourful, connected and time-rich life.

Beth shares what inspired the decision to choose a different way of life... not least of which is the ethos that 'if its not going to hurt you or anyone else... say yes'!

She and her family are continually questioning 'who are we actually created to be?'... 'what is important to us?'... and the question I love most of all... 'what if?'

Truly Inspirational!

To connect with Beth and to find out more about her 3 month life detox, connect with her through Instagram hardwicks_explore_whatif or by email hello@hibiscusme.com 


Podcast 10. Brave Soul Lucinda Button: Freedom from ‘the norm’

September 27, 2018

Jo interviewing Lucinda Button about her brave soul's journey.

Lucinda embodies so much of what it means to be a brave soul...

  • she bravely shares her vulnerability as she travels though life
  • her openness and honesty help others to also speak their truth
  • she and her family are consciously choosing a different way of life which feels like it honours their authenticity

Listen to hear more about how Lucinda, her husband and their two children left their forever home to travel around the country, worldschool and run their natural, family focused, freedom business whilst on the road.

If you want to connect with Lucinda check out her Super Natural Mama facebook page. And to learn how to use essential oils to support your family's health and/or find out about creating financial freedom so you too can follow your authentic dream you can connect with her directly through Lucinda's facebook profile.


Podcast 9. The problem with being perfect

September 14, 2018

Another conversation with Jo & Jen... this time exploring a topic that's come up in the We Are Brave Souls Facebook group this week... imperfection

Find out what we've got to say about where our image of 'perfect' comes from... what we think the benefits of imperfection are and some tips to embrace your imperfection and live a more authentic life...

We'd love to hear your comments here... and if you want to engage and get involved in the conversation, join us on www.facebook.com/groups/wearebravesouls


Podcast 8. A meditation for stressed and anxious teenagers… pre-teens… or adults

September 3, 2018

Noticing lots of friends with stressed and anxious teenagers, Jo wanted to offer something which may help...

This podcasts talks about meditation, busts some myths and invites you into a 10 minute breath meditation practice. 

If you take up the challenge of doing a meditation each day for a week and so you're listening over and over again, you can join just at the point the meditation starts at 6m59s

Let us know how it goes in the comments... or over on our facebook page wearebravesouls :-)


Podcast 7. Jen’s Brave Soul Story

August 16, 2018

Jen shares her Brave Soul's story...


Podcast 6. Jo’s Brave Soul Story

August 3, 2018

There's so many way to be a Brave Soul in the world... everone's story is different... Jo shares hers...


Podcast 5. What’s to love about coaching? Jen & Jo share what they love…

July 6, 2018

 and what brought them to coaching, why they love it so much, how it helps people and busting some of the myths people have around what coaching is and isn't.  Jo & Jen also include some tips of how to find a coach that suits you.


We hope you find it useful, let us know in the comments..... x



Podcast 4. Speaking Your Truth (loudly… sorry for the shouty start! :-D)… what is it? do you do it?

May 11, 2018

Sharing some of our experiences about speaking our truth and what we've found to help 


Podcast 3. Authenticity… Jo & Jen in conversation exploring authenticity…

May 11, 2018

What is authenticity?  What gets in the way of authenticity?  Why might we want to be more authentic and how can we?


Podcast 2. Meditation.. what’s it all about? An interview with Jo…

April 27, 2018

...meditation teacher and BraveSouls Coach to explore meditation, what's it all about, the benefits and why it should be effortless...